Welcome to our site!


We’re Aaron and Rebekah.  Originally from England and the U.S, we met in Jerusalem (Israel), and were married in April 2015.

A bit about us:

We love community and family. We ache for depth and genuine love between broken, beautiful people. We love mess and rawness and honesty… Over the folly of performing and pretending. We love the uniqueness of every heart. We love nations and the humility of learning from different cultures and peoples not our own. We love compassion and mercy, and need help giving and receiving it. And we love justice for the oppressed, and the establishment of right where there has been wrong, and light where there has been darkness.

We hope and aim for our lives to be a marriage of prayer, worship, and missions. That Jesus would be exalted as only He is worthy. That He might receive the reward of His suffering among every tribe, tongue, people and nation. That every heart might come to know His endless, boundless love.

We long to be able to look back on this vapour of a life and know that we were poured out at the feet of Jesus.

In all things, motivated, sustained, and unto Love.


So here you’ll find writings, quotes, photos, drawings, and anything else that we’re presently thinking about. We’d love to hear from you, your thoughts, questions, criticisms, so please get involved!



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